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Your home's exterior is the first thing people see, and it should reflect its beauty and style. At Transtech Painting, we understand the importance of a quality exterior paint job. That's why we invest in our team, ensuring that every employee is well-trained in the latest painting techniques and equipped with only the best products. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail is unparalleled. We will never cut corners or compromise on our standards, ensuring that your home is protected and looks its best for years to come. Whether you want to update the color of your home, protect it from the elements, or increase its value, trust Transtech Painting to provide a stunning and long-lasting transformation.


Painting Consultation

1. Consultation

Transtech Painting listens to our customers' wants and expectations, tailoring our services to meet their needs and ensure satisfaction. Our bid package includes a detailed written quote and insurance certificate for peace of mind.

CONTACT US today to schedule your free consultation

Pressure Washing

4. Pressure Washing

Prepare the exterior with a thorough power washing to remove all loose paint, dirt, and debris, providing a clean surface for a seamless painting process.

We also provide pressure washing services for your walkways and driveways to keep them looking clean and well-maintained. Book you appointment HERE.

Exterior Painting

7. Home Transformation That Wows

Experience the beauty of a freshly painted home with our expert painting services. We use only the finest quality products and our team of skilled painters take great care to follow our detailed and planned painting process to ensure a seamless and stress-free painting experience.

Material Delivery

2. Material Delivery.

Our suppliers will deliver the necessary materials to the job site. We coordinate with them to match the contract information and confirm their accuracy and satisfaction with the customer. This ensures a smooth project progression and customer satisfaction.

Home Protection Painting

5. Home Protection During Painting

We use professional protection measures to keep your home, features, and plants safe during the painting process. Tape, plastic, and tarps are carefully applied to secure and protect your home's exterior, features, and surrounding plants from accidental paint spills, splatters, or damage. This ensures the safety of your property and minimizes potential disruptions to your daily routine.

Beautiful Exterior Painting

8. The Magical Finishing Touches

From proper surface preparation to the final touch-up, we pay attention to every detail to bring your vision to life. The result is a stunning, long-lasting finish that will leave you wowed. Our attention to detail guarantees a polished finish that will make your home look brand new. Trust us to bring your vision to life and make your home feel like a true oasis.

Window Covering

3. Windows Covering

We understand that every client has their own unique preferences when it comes to painting their home. That's why we offer flexible options for window covering during our pressure washing step. Whether our clients prefer to have their windows covered with plastic before or after the pressure washing, we are happy to accommodate their needs

House Preparation

6. Meticulous Preparation

We prioritize proper surface preparation with meticulous attention to detail in sanding, scraping, caulking and priming. Our commitment to delivering a high-caliber finish that will withstand the test of time is unwavering. By choosing our painting services, you can trust that we have taken every necessary step to provide a long-lasting, high-quality finish. 

Environmentally Friendly

9. Environmentally-Friendly Practices

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we make every effort to recycle any wasted paint and materials at registered paint care facilities whenever possible. We also offer assistance to clients in disposing of their unwanted paint in an environmentally-friendly manner. By recycling and properly disposing of paint and materials, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and do our part in creating a greener earth.

Learn more about it HERE.

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