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6 Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Small Painting Business

When starting a small painting business, getting new leads is essential for growth. When I first started, I used several strategies that were effective in generating leads, and I continue to use them to this day. Here are the top six strategies that helped me grow my small painting business:

1. Yard Signs: The Power of Local Advertising

When you're working on a job, place two or three yard signs in the front yard. This creates a psychological effect, as neighbors start to think about repainting their own homes. Yard signs act as a subtle endorsement from your client's neighbors, providing social proof and building trust.

2. Google My Business: The Long-Term Investment

Setting up a Google My Business page is a long-term investment that will pay off over time. As most people search for local services on Google, having a strong presence on the platform will help you rank higher in search results, leading to more leads and clients.

3.A Professional Website: The Online Storefront

A website is an extension of your business and acts as an online storefront. Ensure your website looks professional and is optimized for conversions. A well-designed website can boost your credibility and make it easy for potential clients to schedule appointments or request quotes.

4. Facebook Ads: The Game Changer

Facebook ads can be a game-changer if executed correctly. Though there's a learning curve and a budget required, once you have it dialed in, Facebook ads can generate a significant number of leads and help you land more jobs.

5. Free Marketing: Leverage Online Platforms

Take advantage of free advertising platforms like Nextdoor, or Facebook Marketplace. These platforms can help you generate leads without any additional investment. However, avoid spamming and focus on posting relevant, high-quality ads.


6. Flyers and Door Hangers: The Classic Approach

Though not everyone finds success with flyers and door hangers, they can be an effective method of generating leads if you have more time than money. Distributing flyers and door hangers in your target neighborhoods can help increase awareness about your business and potentially bring in new clients.

By utilizing these six proven strategies, you can grow your small painting business and generate more leads, ultimately increasing your revenue and expanding your client base.

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