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Branding Beyond Paint: The Overlooked Element in Your Contracting Business

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Branding, in its essence, is far more than a mere logo or a catchy tagline. It is the soul of your business, the narrative you spin, the story you tell, and the perception you leave in the minds of your potential clients. And for painting contractors, this holds even more gravity. Let's delve into one subtle but critical reason you might not be securing as many leads as you wish for your contracting business.

The Season of Inquiry

As we turn the pages of the calendar to November, an annual trend emerges. Contractors around the globe face an almost predictable predicament. Their inboxes are flooded with messages, their DMs are buzzing, and their social media notifications are pinging non-stop. The chorus of the messages? A unanimous outcry - "How do I get leads?".

This pattern is as predictable as autumn leaves falling. Every year, like clockwork, contractors lament about the slowing down of their business. The constant refrain of "nobody's hiring me" can become maddening. And, to be honest, the repetitive nature of these concerns might make one tempted to find relief in the most drastic of ways - imagine, metaphorically, placing one's nads in a vise and cranking away. Vivid and painful imagery, isn’t it? But the intent behind such an exaggerated metaphor is to emphasize how dire the situation feels.

Branding: The Crux of the Matter

Many contractors find themselves stuck in a loop, year after year. The business turnover remains stagnant, the revenue is consistent but never booming, and growth seems elusive. The main issue? A lack of understanding of what it truly means to build a brand.

Allow me to illustrate with a couple of anecdotes.

Firstly, consider a cleaning restoration truck, immaculately branded, that promises services for smoke and fire restoration. Now, imagine the driver of that same truck chain-smoking at a traffic light. The stark contradiction here isn't about personal choices but about the message the brand conveys. The trust in the company, built upon seeing its impressive branding, shatters in an instant. A potential customer might now associate their service with the lingering smell of smoke.

Secondly, visualize a carpentry truck, once again well-branded, portraying a professional image. But the sight of a pair of plastic testicles hanging off the vehicle's trailer hitch sends a conflicting message. It may seem humorous to some, but for potential clients, it raises questions about the company's professionalism and the kind of message they wish to send.

More Than Just Aesthetics

Your brand isn't just about aesthetics; it's about the story it tells. It's about ensuring that every text you send, every call you answer, and every interaction you have aligns with the message your business wants to portray.

For those contractors out there wondering why their phones aren't ringing, it might be time to introspect. Are you truly championing your brand? Are you crafting a narrative that instills trust, showcases professionalism, and resonates with your potential clientele?

Closing Thoughts

In the contracting world, your brand is pivotal. It's the lifeblood of your business and the impression you leave behind. To truly grow, one must not only be an expert in their craft but also understand the intricate nuances of branding.

And as you ponder over your brand's story, do share this insight with other contractors. After all, growth, understanding, and success are best when shared.

So, dear contractors, here's a call to action - introspect, refine, and ensure your brand tells the story you want it to. Only then will the spider webs on your company phone be a thing of the past.

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