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Decoding Sales Strategy: Forge Emotional Connections, Understand Client Motive

Understand Client Motive

In ancient times, a battle's outcome was often decided long before the first arrow was released or the first sword swung. It wasn’t the mere presence of weapons or numbers, but the strategies they wielded with precision that made the difference. Similarly, in the modern-day war of sales, it's not the quotation or the pitch that holds the power, but the often overlooked, yet monumental step: the sales process. A staggering 80% of sales success is hidden within this process. Yet, astonishingly, many contractors overlook its weight, either due to lack of knowledge or mere lethargy. It's a pitfall that Sun Tzu would have recognized as a recipe for downfall.

Changing the Mirror: Reflecting a Salesperson

An old sage once whispered that a man unaware of his own capabilities is like an archer blinded in battle. In the competitive field of contracting, if one doesn’t perceive themselves as a salesperson, they’re doing just that—blinding themselves. An elite warrior doesn't just train for battle; they anticipate it. Similarly, a contractor must not only provide services but must also cultivate a structured, repeatable sales process. Without this foresight and strategy, even the mightiest of contractors can falter.

The Heart of the Sale: Unlocking "The Motive"

Just as the heart of a strategy often lies in its subtlest moves, the crux of a sale often depends on understanding the "Motive". This pivotal step is where the tides of the sale turn, determining the victor. Within this realm, four tactical steps are vital:

  • Open-Ended Questions: Much like a general probing for weaknesses, one must ask questions that guide the prospect to reveal their desires.

  • Listening with Curiosity: A true strategist knows that listening is often more potent than speaking. With genuine curiosity, one can uncover layers of intent.

  • Summarizing Shared Points: By reflecting upon the shared thoughts of a client, the contractor strengthens the bond of trust and understanding.

  • Silence: In the tranquility of silence, one often finds the loudest answers. By allowing the client to fill this void, their true motives often become clearer.

Tapping into the Essence: Pain and Pleasure

In all of human history, two forces have driven action more than any other: pain and pleasure. These primal drives dictate why one seeks a service. Is it the pain of a leaky roof or the pleasure of a beautifully redecorated room? By tapping into this duality, a contractor can better cater to a client's true needs.

The Final Siege and Retrospection

As a battle concludes, an astute general would not just celebrate the victory but would also reflect upon the strategy, discerning lessons for future conquests. Similarly, as a sale draws to an end, one must visualize the culmination and gauge the satisfaction derived. Such reflections solidify the bond forged and illuminate the path ahead.


The intricacies of sales, especially in the contracting arena, are akin to the art of ancient battle strategies. While tools and techniques are pivotal, the essence lies in understanding human motives and emotions. Only by mastering this art can one hope to consistently emerge victorious, achieving not just a sale but an alliance. For those seeking to further sharpen their blade, additional training and resources can act as a whetstone, ensuring they remain ever sharp in this relentless battle of sales.

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