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Defeat Victim Mentality

The contracting world is filled with challenges and setbacks, from finding talented employees and dealing with debt to building a successful future. As a painting contractor, I've witnessed many talented individuals struggle, but I believe that the key to success lies in overcoming the victim mentality. In this article, we'll explore the importance of owning your situation, attacking each moment, and choosing success. With these tips, you can transform your contracting business and achieve the results you've always wanted.

1. Own Your Crap: Stop Blaming Others for Your Struggles

It's easy to blame external factors for the difficulties you face in your contracting business. Whether it's lowball competitors, cheap customers, or an influx of unlicensed workers in your area, pointing fingers won't get you anywhere. Instead, take a hard look in the mirror and recognize that your success (or lack thereof) is a direct result of your actions and choices.

If you're attracting cheap customers, it's likely because you haven't properly identified your target market or refined your marketing strategy. Or perhaps your sales approach needs improvement. In either case, the solution lies within you, not in blaming others.

2. Attack Each Moment: Create Momentum to Overcome Victimhood

When you attack each moment, you create momentum that propels you forward and leaves no time for wallowing in victimhood. If you're struggling to sell jobs because of competition from unlicensed workers, don't just drive past potential clients – stop and introduce yourself. Offer your services, and demonstrate your value as a professional contractor.

Remember, being anxious or worried burns mental energy that could be better spent on productive actions. By constantly seizing opportunities, you'll be too busy to feel like a victim.

3. Success is a Choice: Don't Let External Factors Define You

Your success as a contractor isn't determined by external factors like competitors, unlicensed workers, or misinformed customers. Instead, your success is a choice – one that you alone have control over.

Accepting that success is a choice means recognizing that your attitude and actions directly impact your results. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and beliefs, and act accordingly. By doing so, you'll be more likely to achieve the success you desire.


The contracting world may be tough, but it's crucial to rise above the victim mentality and take control of your own success. By owning your situation, attacking each moment, and choosing success, you can turn your contracting business around and build the future you've always wanted. Remember, success or failure is your choice – don't let anyone or anything else dictate your destiny.

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