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How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Painting Company for the Lifestyle and Freedom You Want

If you're interested in building a successful painting business that can make you millions of dollars and provide you with the kind of lifestyle and freedom you desire, then this article is for you. We will look at the smartest and shortest path to building a $2 million or $3 million painting company, starting from the end goal and breaking down the numbers.

The Numbers

To build a $2 million company, we need to do approximately $50,000 a week in business, assuming 40 weeks a year. To book 10 jobs a week with an average job size of $5,000, we need to do 20-30 estimates per week, which requires 40-60 leads per week.

The Team

To run this size of a business, you need one to two sales reps who can do 15-20 estimates a week, one to two project managers, and an office manager. As the business owner, your job will be to ensure that your team is successful and accomplishing their goals.

The Skills

To build a thriving painting business, you need to develop several skills. In phase one, you need to master your time, marketing, estimating, sales, production management, administrative side of the business, and tech stack. You need to hit key benchmarks for all of these numbers to be successful.

In phase two, you need to learn team building, which is a hard skill to develop. You need to be willing to fail and seek coaching and resources to help you. You need to know how to recruit A-players, train people effectively, and manage and grow your team to build a great culture and represent your business.

Building a multi-million dollar painting company requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn and fail. However, with the right skills and team, you can achieve the lifestyle and freedom you desire while making millions of dollars. Start by mastering the foundation of your business and developing the necessary skills to build a successful team.

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