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How To Make More Money As A Rookie Contractor

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

From Passion to Profit: Starting Right in the Business Arena

There's a palpable sense of exhilaration and trepidation when embarking on a business journey, especially in contracting. A surge of budding contractors arm themselves with a business logo, a crisp website, and the hope that the phone will incessantly ring with project offers. But dreams without direction can become a rudderless ship. To avoid the abyss of failure, it's crucial to create a robust strategy for that first project. Why? Because no general enters a battlefield expecting to lose.

Embracing Your Identity as a Sales Strategist

A pitfall many new contractors stumble upon is the limiting self-view as just a "painter" or "flooring expert." But in the vast business battlefield, one must wear multiple hats. And one of the most vital is that of a salesperson. Envision this: standing in a courtroom where you're judged for being a sales expert. The goal? Be found guilty. For a contractor, achieving success doesn't necessitate years of apprenticeship. What's crucial is the commitment to betterment, the determination to deliver value, and the willpower to persevere. Success doesn't discriminate. Age, gender, background - none of these matter if you're willing to earn your victories.

Deciphering the Money Code: Building Your Financial Fortress

For every contractor, the financial citadel must have a dual foundation: meeting client needs and making money. Think of it this way; the stronger this fortress, the more people you can serve. Money shouldn't be a taboo. Embracing the right mindset about finances sets one on the path to growth. Self-doubt, undervaluing your services, or entering the battlefield of bids with self-imposed handicaps is a strategy destined for failure. A warrior knows his worth.

The Armory: Paperwork, Contracts, and Shields

In the art of war, a wise general understands the importance of defense as much as offense. For a contractor, this defense is solid paperwork. Precise contracts, explicit scopes of work, and clear quality expectations shield from the ambushes of misunderstandings and disputes. Equipping oneself with a well-drafted contract is akin to a warrior wielding a shield - it's about protection.

Calculations Before the First Strike

Every brush stroke, every drop of paint costs something. To ensure that your first project isn't a financial misstep, pre-job costing becomes indispensable. It's about estimating judiciously, devoid of emotions. It's easy to let emotions influence decisions, especially when dealing with clients. But remember, in the art of contracting, mathematics is the ultimate truth-teller.


The contracting landscape is akin to a vast battlefield. Every project is a battle to be won. From embracing the identity of a sales strategist, acknowledging the dual foundation of money, to the precision in paperwork and artful pricing, the path to ensuring profit from the outset is clear. As a painting contractor, the canvas of success awaits. So gear up, march forth, and paint your legacy.

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