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How to Turning Each Project into a Golden Canvas of Profits

In the vibrant world of painting contracting, many business owners find themselves dabbling with various brushes. While they might have an impeccable brush stroke and rich colors, many contractors struggle to translate their craftsmanship into financial success. This article aims to help painting contractors delve into the essence of a super simple strategy to make more money while juggling multiple projects.

The Painting Contractor’s Dilemma

The journey begins with an all-too-familiar scenario. A painting contractor juggles several projects, toils tirelessly to meet client demands, and at the end of a seemingly successful month, the realization hits: where did the profits go? Many painting contractors encounter this puzzling situation. They are left with dried-up financials despite their vigorous efforts and high-quality work.

The Distractions of Running Multiple Jobs

At any given point in time, a painting contractor may be overseeing various projects. These projects could vary in scale, complexity, and client demands. For many, it’s not unusual to have multiple job sites active simultaneously. The painting contractor may be running to meet deadlines, fulfilling commitments, and managing teams on different job sites. This chaotic process can lead to inefficiencies, wasted resources, and, ultimately, diminished profits.

The Thieves of Profit

When a contractor is spread thin over multiple job sites, the focus is diverted. The project at hand doesn't get the attention it deserves. There are hidden costs involved in this – the drive time, the inefficiency of setting up multiple times, and, quite often, unplanned trips to suppliers. These 'time thieves' cumulatively eat into the profits. This absence of focus also impacts the quality of work and customer satisfaction, which can have long-term repercussions on the business.

The Golden Rule: One Job, One Focus

The cornerstone of profitability in the painting contracting business lies in a simple strategy – giving 100% focus to the job at hand. This means dedicating all the necessary resources and attention to a single project until its completion. This focus has a two-fold benefit; it enhances efficiency, and it significantly improves customer satisfaction.

Crafting Efficiency

By concentrating on one project, painting contractors can maximize efficiency. Planning becomes more streamlined as resources aren't stretched across multiple sites. With a singular focus, teams can work in sync, adhering to a clear set of objectives, and completing the project within the stipulated time.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The other side of the coin is the customer’s experience. When a contractor is fully invested in a project, the client benefits from better communication, timely completion, and higher-quality work. This level of service can turn a first-time client into a lifelong customer.

Pre-Job Costing: Painting the Canvas of Success

A critical component in this strategy is Pre-Job Costing. It’s akin to sketching out the blueprint of a painting. Painting contractors should meticulously plan out how a project will unfold - which crew will be on the job, the supplies needed, the daily targets, and the end-of-day goals. This pre-job costing should be carried out before the project begins.

With a well-structured plan, the painting contractor will know exactly how much profit can be made on a project. It provides a clear roadmap to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently, timelines are met, and costs are contained.

Leveraging Technology for Pre-Job Costing

There are several tools and resources available for painting contractors to streamline the Pre-Job Costing process. For example, using a Google Sheets template, contractors can effectively plan out a project. The left side of the sheet can be used to layout the planned expenses, resources, and time allocation, while the right side can be used to record the actual figures once the project is completed.

Painting a Profitable Future

Embracing the philosophy of one job, one focus, and incorporating pre-job costing into the business process are instrumental in transforming a painting contractor’s business. Not only does it ensure higher profits, but it also builds a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

However, this approach requires a shift in mindset. Painting contractors need to resist the urge to take on too many projects simultaneously. They must avoid the temptation of making last-minute changes to their schedules to accommodate new jobs. In essence, they must commit to the art of precision.


In summary, the world of painting contracting is both an art and a science. While the brush strokes and colors represent the art, the precision, planning, and focus represent the science. By mastering this delicate balance, painting contractors can create not just stunning masterpieces on walls but also a profitable and sustainable business that stands the test of time.

By raising your hands to commit to this focused approach, you will be setting sail on a journey where every job is a masterpiece, and every brush stroke contributes to a vibrant and profitable future. Remember, in the art of painting contracting, precision is the finest brush, and profitability is the most exquisite color.

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