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Repainting Stucco Q&A

Repainting Stucco

Q: The stucco on my home’s exterior looks faded. What can I do?

A: Stucco, like many surfaces, can fade - especially when it’s exposed to direct sunlight. But, making it look new again is easy. Quality paint can revive the look of your stucco, giving your home a fresh, new appearance.

Q: What if I want to completely change the color of my stucco?

A: If you want to achieve a darker shade than your original stucco color, and the surface is in good shape, quality paint can probably provide the coverage you need in one coat. Painting a lighter shade over a darker tone may require two coats.

Q: Do I need a primer?

A: If the surface of your stucco is in good shape with no exposed substrate, possibly not. However, if you need to make a lot of repairs, using a primer will make your finish coat look great and provide the beautiful, long-lasting results you expect.

-Sherwin-WIlliams Press-

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