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Seven Transformative Behaviors

The world of a painting contractor is also a world filled with challenges, demanding clients, and tough competition. The actions you take today as a painting contractor are a prelude to your future success, the behaviors you cultivate now will shape your business in the coming decade. This article aims to empower painting contractors with seven behaviors that will act as a palette to paint a future filled with success and fulfillment.

1. Win Your Mind Each Day

A painting contractor's daily routine involves mental challenges; managing clients, organizing schedules, and ensuring quality work. Just as a canvas needs a solid frame, your day requires a firm mental foundation. Start your day with positivity. Create a mental framework by reading, meditating, or engaging in any activity that boosts your mental clarity and focus. Implement this behavior consistently for ten years, and you will have constructed a robust mental infrastructure that will support your decision-making, client relationships, and ability to handle business challenges.

2. Win Your Body Each Day

Being a painting contractor demands physical exertion. To deliver your best work, you need to be in peak physical condition. Establish a daily routine that involves exercise, whether it's a simple morning walk, a set of push-ups, or going to the gym. Nutrition is another essential aspect; eat balanced meals that fuel your energy throughout the day. This habit, cultivated over ten years, will result in a healthier, more energized, and productive version of yourself.

3. Invest in Yourself as a Leader

Investing in personal development as a leader is paramount. As a painting contractor, your leadership skills determine how well your team performs, how you manage your clients, and how you navigate business challenges. Take courses, read books, or hire a coach to hone your leadership skills. Over a decade, this continuous investment will translate into a commanding presence, attracting both clients and skilled workers, enhancing your business reputation.

4. Build Your Brand

The brushstrokes of your brand paint the public perception of your business. Engage in consistent branding efforts, such as maintaining a strong online presence, participating in community events, and showcasing your work. A powerful brand acts as a magnet that attracts clients. Over ten years, your brand could become synonymous with excellence and trust, allowing you to command premium prices and having clients seek you out.

5. Build Your Database

Cultivating relationships with your clients is like adding layers of paint; it strengthens over time. Establish a database to keep track of client information, preferences, and feedback. Consistently engaging with past and potential clients through newsletters or social media maintains a connection that can lead to repeat business or referrals. Ten years of diligently building and maintaining a database will result in a treasure trove of loyal clients and a steady stream of revenue.

6. Sell at 50% or Better Gross Profit

Pricing your services right is essential for sustainability. Aim to sell your services at a 50% or better gross profit. This means understanding the value you offer and communicating it effectively to clients who are willing to pay for quality. Adopting this approach over ten years ensures financial stability, allowing for reinvestment in the business and ensuring your services continue to improve and evolve.

7. Job Cost Every Project

Precise evaluation of each project is akin to mixing the perfect shade; it requires attention to detail. At the end of every project, analyze the costs, time taken, and any challenges faced. This information helps in making necessary adjustments for future projects, ensuring that you’re constantly optimizing your resources and processes. As you accumulate this data over a decade, you’ll have an invaluable archive that will inform better bidding, more efficient operations, and increased profits.


Success is an art, and as a painting contractor, you wield the brush that can paint a vibrant future for your business. By committing to these seven transformative behaviors, you can cultivate a prosperous and sustainable business over the next decade. Each day, as you step into your canvas of challenges and opportunities, remember that each stroke of effort, each shade of learning, and each texture of experience is adding to a masterpiece that is your career. So, paint with passion, determination, and precision, and in ten years, you’ll stand before a creation that’s not just vibrant and fulfilling, but also a testament to the power of purposeful behavior.

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