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Strategies for Thriving as a Novice Contractor in an Established Market

Standing out as the new painting contractor in a saturated market can be intimidating. How do you establish your place among companies with 15 to 20 years of experience? This challenge is one that numerous fledgling contractors face, and it's the focus of this article. With a shift in mindset, a commitment to learning, and an ability to prove your worth, you can set yourself up to not just compete, but thrive in your market.

Embrace the Novice Mindset

Every industry veteran was once the new guy. The journey towards expertise begins with your first steps into the field. This newness, this beginner's status, is something to own, not shy away from. It's crucial to understand that business longevity does not always equate to delivering a superior client experience. Companies that have been in operation for a long time can become complacent, resting on their laurels instead of seeking improvement.

As the new contractor in town, you have the opportunity to shake up the status quo and offer a fresh, dynamic experience to clients. Experienced contractors aren't always successful contractors, and you should avoid making assumptions about your business based on your newcomer status. In fact, there might be potential clients out there eager for a fresh face in the industry, someone willing to bring innovative ideas and passionate energy to their projects.

The Joy of Being New

The initial stages of launching your business are exhilarating. There's a unique energy and passion that comes with being new to the industry – a sensation that you can never replicate. This fresh, exciting period is an invaluable learning opportunity and something to relish.

During this phase, you have the ability to quickly recover from mistakes and adapt your business strategies swiftly. As your business grows, change becomes more challenging to implement, so appreciate the agility that comes with being small. Take this time to learn from every experience and don't be too hard on yourself when things don't go as planned. Understand that the business landscape is often unpredictable, and your ability to adapt is a testament to your resilience.

Proving Your Worth

As the new contractor on the block, you need to prove your worth. This is where your drive, hunger, and dedication come to the forefront. Use any objection or pushback as motivation to demonstrate your commitment to delivering exceptional service.

When a potential client mentions they've been using their old contractor for years, reply confidently. Acknowledge your newness, but emphasize that it makes you hungrier for success and committed to meeting their expectations. Remember, established companies might have hundreds of clients, making each one less critical to their overall business. However, as a newcomer, every client is crucial, and that translates into exceptional service.

Leveraging Social Media and Content Creation

The digital age provides new contractors with an effective tool for establishing authority in the industry. Many established businesses lag in their online presence, so this is your chance to shine. Be visible on social media, create valuable content, answer frequently asked questions, and position yourself as a go-to expert.

The effort you put into building a strong online presence can significantly enhance your credibility, even as a new business. Use this platform to demonstrate your expertise and show your dedication to your craft.

Confidence is Contagious

One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal as a new contractor is confidence. Confidence is contagious, and clients want to be around people who display high energy, positivity, and self-assuredness.

This confidence will inspire potential clients and encourage them to give you a shot. Never underestimate the power of confidence and positive energy in convincing potential clients to take a chance on your business.


Entering a market as a new contractor can be challenging, but it's also an opportunity to disrupt the status quo and make a mark. Yes, you will encounter clients who won't look past your newcomer status, but when you radiate confidence and positive energy, many others will.

Starting as a new contractor is a chance to pave your way, to build a legacy from scratch. Embrace this phase, because with the right mindset and a commitment to proving your worth, you have the opportunity to stand tall among industry veterans. As the new kid on the block, your potential for growth is limitless. So, hold your head high and go get it.

Remember, everyone starts somewhere, and every industry giant was once the new kid on the block.

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