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The Secrets to Building Trust with Customers

If you're a contractor looking to grow your business, building trust with your clients is paramount. Today, we're going to share one of our favorite tips on four ways to build trust with your clients. By implementing these tips, you'll ensure that you're not blowing it as you grow your business.

1. Improve Communication

The first way to build trust is by enhancing your communication with clients. Return phone calls, answer your phone promptly, and set expectations. For instance, if the weather affects your job schedule, inform your clients immediately about the possibility of delays. Keeping your clients in the loop with honest, open communication will build trust and reassure them that they've made the right decision by choosing your services.

2. Invest in a Professional Website

The second way to build trust is by investing in a professional website with high-quality content. Replace your outdated website with a visually appealing and user-friendly one. Create valuable content, such as blog posts and how-to guides, to educate and inform your clients. A professional website with informative content will establish your credibility and help your clients trust your services.

3. Sales as a Conversation, Not a Pitch

The third way to build trust is by reframing your sales approach. Sales should be about engaging in conversations and building relationships, not pitching and manipulating clients with tactics. When you approach sales as a relationship and conversation, clients will see that you're genuinely interested in meeting their needs and ensuring a good fit.

4. Deliver on Your Promises

The fourth way to build trust is by delivering what you promised. If you commit to a specific outcome, timeline, or follow-up, make sure you deliver on those promises. When you consistently meet your commitments, trust will naturally grow between you and your clients.


Building trust with your clients is crucial for growing a successful contracting business. By improving communication, investing in a professional website, treating sales as a conversation, and delivering on your promises, you'll build trust and a stronger business. Start building a better contracting business today.

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