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The 3 Bs of Success

Finding and retaining good employees is one of the biggest challenges faced by contractors today. In a world where it seems like nobody wants to work, how can you build a successful contracting business that attracts and keeps the best employees? In this article, we'll discuss the three Bs: Building a Brand, Building a Strong Culture, and Bragging about your business. By mastering these three elements, you'll be well on your way to creating a thriving contracting business that stands out from the competition.

1. Build a Brand

To attract top talent, you need to create a strong brand presence in your local community. Think about well-known brands like Starbucks or Apple - they don't struggle to find employees because they have a strong reputation. The more effort you put into building your brand, the easier it will be to attract help. This includes having a clear and consistent company identity across your vehicles, yard signs, company shirts, website, and social media channels. Be visible, be consistent, and be everywhere in your community to make your brand recognizable and appealing to potential employees.

2. Build a Strong Culture

Creating a strong company culture is vital to attracting and retaining employees. A strong culture is defined by clear expectations and what you tolerate. It's important to foster a positive work environment where employees feel valued, respected, and supported. Eliminate chaos and promote order in your business by providing clear communication, organized schedules, and a defined career path for your employees. By building a culture where people want to work, they'll be more likely to stay and even refer their friends to join your team.

3. Brag about Your Business

If you're not your own biggest fan, why should anyone else be? It's important to showcase the success of your business and the benefits of working with you. Use social media and other platforms to highlight your company's achievements, projects, and positive work environment. Show the world that you're the best place to work by sharing real, authentic stories about your business and employees. By confidently promoting your business, you'll attract more like-minded individuals who want to be a part of your success story.


By focusing on the three Bs - Building a Brand, Building a Strong Culture, and Bragging about your business - you'll create a thriving contracting business that stands out in a competitive world. By attracting and retaining the best employees, your business will be well-equipped to handle the challenges of the industry and continue to grow.

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