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The Unveiled Wisdom of Rewarding Excellence

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

In the vibrant world of contracting, every painter, carpenter, and laborer dreams of the extra buck. The question is, do they truly deserve it? Drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu, let's dive deep into the art of remuneration.

1. The Harmonic Dance of Request and Reward

It's a melody heard all around. The earnest voices of employees, echoing year after year, "Boss, I need a raise!" Such is the unending song in the contracting business. Yet, as the orchestrator of this vast ensemble, when do you choose to heighten the note?

Sun Tzu wisely proclaimed, "Opportunities multiply as they are seized." So, when is the opportune moment to grant that sought-after raise? Sit tight, as we delve into the harmonious dance of request and reward.

2. The Universal Desire for Recognition

Isn't it a universal sentiment? The thought of deserving more for one's toils? Many employees might feel that their value to the company outstrips their remuneration. However, the truth, like water, is fluid. Sometimes, their perception aligns with reality, and sometimes it’s a mirage.

Yet, beyond financial rewards, there’s another currency - respect, growth, and support. Every artisan, irrespective of their financial compensation, deserves an environment that fosters these elements. An environment where they can sculpt a life of prosperity and dignity.

3. The Enigma of the Raise

"Boss, when do I get a raise?" A question that reverberates through the corridors of every office. How does one decipher the appropriate time to reward an employee? When should the conductor raise the baton, amplifying the note of an instrumentalist?

Consistent Expectations: It's not about the sporadic brilliance but the persistent glow. Sun Tzu remarked, "The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands." If an employee's performance consistently outshines the set standards, it might be time to recognize and reward their brilliance.

The Mastery Ladder: The path to greatness is layered with learning. When an employee ascends this ladder, acquiring new skills and expertise, they inch closer to deserving that raise. Equip them with a roadmap, and let them steer their ship to new horizons.

Time & Service: Loyalty is a virtue. But should longevity in service be the sole criterion for a raise? It's a delicate balance. Some are content in their current roles, seeking stability over ambition. For these silent stalwarts, their consistent commitment might just warrant that extra buck.

Cost of Living Adjustments: With the ever-shifting sands of inflation, sometimes a raise is but a necessity to keep up with the changing times. As Sun Tzu observed, "In war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and to strike at what is weak." By ensuring your employees' wages aren't weakened by inflation, you fortify their financial well-being.

The Crescendo of Value

As the leader of the ensemble, every contractor dreams of that extra revenue. It’s a simple equation - amplify the value to your clients, and the melody of profitability resonates. The same principle should apply to employees. When they amplify their value, their remuneration should resonate in kind.


In the grand orchestra of contracting, ensuring the right notes of remuneration is crucial for a harmonious melody. So, to all the contractors out there, keep tuning, keep playing, and let the symphony of success play on.

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